The market. The money.
The questions – answered.

Start small. End big.

Our revenue will come from licensing. And because we’re targeting banks and integrators, rather than direct customers, we’ll get a big reach with low costs.

Step one: exemplar merchants

We’ve chosen a few merchants to use Bridge in different market segments. Bars, takeaway apps, ecommerce – that kind of thing. They’ll blaze the trail, showing precisely how good Bridge can be.

Step two: white labels for banks

We’ll talk to banks and other payment institutions to produce their own branded versions of Bridge for all their customers – retail and business.

Step three: system integrators

We’re already working with IBM to bring Bridge to their customers – and we’ll be expanding our reach to include all major system integrators.

License to Bridge

Our revenue model? Two streams: bulk licensing with partners and white labels, based on the volume of transactions. Or a flat annual fee for direct sales to merchants.

Simple. Low cost. Fast.

We’ll be selling to an established market, through a small number of clients. That keeps things simple. It keeps costs down. And it means Bridge can scale. Fast.